• Barry Warne KJX

Mighty Minimoog

Without a doubt the Minimoog is one of the greatest keyboards ever made. When released in 1971, this portable, playable synth defined what new electronic instruments could be. Musicians agreed and added them to their growing keyboard arsenals. The key was the logical, left-to-right layout that lent a fun sense of play to making new sounds that you thought up or stumbled onto. It made sense and sneakily taught you synthesizer basics. I got mine just as the 1980s began and musicians were tiring of this analogue instrument so associated with Progressive Rock. With digital keyboards just around the corner, Minimoogs became dinosaurs - and also bargains. Getting one allowed me to once again broaden my sound and opened doors to professional gigs. Every Minimoog is different and mine favored Oscillator 2 being played on it's own. It sounded so good. It was then bringing in Oscillator 1 for colour and tone that made this instrument so phenomenal for soloing, for bass and for creating instant atmosphere.

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