• Barry Warne KJX

Cordovox Electronic Piano

This was the second keyboard I acquired and gave me percussive piano sounds to go with the organ sounds of the Farfisa. It was basic but allowed mixing of the brighter Harpsichord sound with the mellower Piano sound. It was reasonably light and inexpensive ($200 if I remember correctly). The cool part of using this was when running through my Yamaha TA-15 or 20 amp complete with sleek, trapezoidal/pyramid shape, reverb and TREMOLO. The Tremolo gave me a pretty decent quasi-synthesizer pulsing sound. Limitations always serve as the best inspiration. I set the Cordovox piano on top of the Farfisa and I was instantly a Keyboard Player with a Keyboard Setup. Band members were impressed. As I recall, this piano did have some velocity sensitivity which gave me some dynamic playing.

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